Hi and welcome to Habitation Decor & Gifts, LLC.

This business was created out of love in June 2019.  A love of God, a love for each other, a love for our family and friends, and a love for all things home.  Our current location is Lonestar Mercantile in Allen, Texas.  

Interior decoration has been a lifetime passion; however, there was not a demand for this particular vocation during my formative years and location, so a business degree was pursued and achieved.  With this, I was able to explore my love of homes in various positions with new home builders.  I am still employed part-time in this field today, and look forward to sharing inspiration I gather, from construction to design.

I delight in all different styles of decor.  My goal is to offer a variety of quality products and individuality to accommodate each person's unique taste.  Every product is chosen with great care from a variety of sources, knowing these items will become part of someone's personal space.  Our hope and prayer is that the pieces you choose will bless your home, and bring you joy for many years. 

Our home is our sanctuary.  More so today than ever it represents our safe place; our retreat from the world.  Habitation is 'the act of dwelling or living in a permanent place'.....the place we call our home. We would be privileged to be a small part of yours.

May you dwell in beauty, comfort, and peace in your personal habitat.

Wishing you many blessings,